Britten: A Ceremony Of Carols
Artist: Choir of King's College, Cambridge
Format: CD
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1. I: In A Garden Shady This Holy Lady
2. II: I Cannot Grow
3. III: O Ear Whose Creatures Cannot Wish To Fail
4. I: Procession
5. II: Wolcum Yole!
6. III: There Is No Rose
7. IV: (a) That Yonge Child
8. (b) Balulalow
9. V: As Dew In Aprille
10. VI: This Little Babe
11. VII: Interlude (Andante Pastorale)
12. VIII: In Freezing Winter Night
13. IX: Spring Carol
14. X: Deo Gracias!
15. XI: Recession
16. I: Kyrie
17. II: Gloria
18. III: Sanctus
19. IV: Benedictus
20. V: Agnus Dei
21. Festival Te Deum Op.32
22. Rejoice In God, O Ye Tongues
23. For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey
24. For The Mouse Is A Creature Of Great Personal Valour
25. For The Flowers Are Great Blessings
26. For I Am Under The Same Accusation With My Saviour
27. For H Is A Spirit And Therefore He Is God
28. Hallelujah From The Heart Of God
29. Te Deum In C
30. Jubilate Deo